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"Exploring the Diminished Harmonica is going to be the bible for diminished diatonic harmonica for years to come."
- Brendan Power

"This detailed and thorough book is sure to take its place as a new classic in the harmonica literature..."
- Pat Missin

Exploring the Diminished Harmonica is a guide to playing 10-hole, 12-hole, and 13-hole diminished harmonicas. It is coil-bound for use on the music stand.

If you want to break out of old patterns of playing, or start your journey with an empowering new instrument, this book is for you. Includes clear explanations and musical examples drawn from a wide range of sources, presented in standard notation and tab. Also includes direction on which harmonica to buy, concepts for advanced musicians, and transcriptions of music by Alfred Hirsch and Ed Coogan.

The diminished harmonica is a retuned harmonica where every draw note is a whole step higher than its corresponding blow note, and adjacent notes are tuned a minor third apart. This creates some attractive features for the player:

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