Welcome to jasonharmonica.com, where you can find information on the Diminished Harmonica and the Diminished Chromatic Harmonica. On this page, you will find info on my published books, and within this site you will find many free resources on the diminished harmonica. Hope you enjoy!

"Exploring the Diminished Harmonica" (2021)

Exploring the Diminished Harmonica

"Exploring the Diminished Harmonica is going to be the bible for diminished diatonic harmonica for years to come."
- Brendan Power

"This detailed and thorough book is sure to take its place as a new classic in the harmonica literature..."
- Pat Missin

"Great job on this. It is well laid out and comprehensive. I think this book is a great learning tool for anyone interested in this tuning."
- PT Gazell

Exploring the Diminished Harmonica is a guide to playing the diminished harmonica.

  • Coil-bound for use on the music stand
  • Clear explanations and musical examples drawn from a wide range of sources
  • Presented in standard notation and tab
  • Direction on which harmonica to buy
  • Transcriptions of music played on the Diminished by accomplished performers

  • Purchase through Lulu.com or Rockin Ron's Music.

    "Primacy of the Ear" (2010)

    "Primacy" was co-authored and self-published in cooperation with pianist and MacArthur fellow Ran Blake. "Primacy" is Blake's philosophy on learning and internalizing music and developing a personal style. Ran was an important mentor for me, and much of my own teaching today has a foundation in Ran's methodology. Ran and I presented concepts from "Primacy" at the "Annual Gathering of Mensa" in Boston, MA in 2014.

    "One's single most crucial ally in the exploration of music is the ear. When you listen, the ear reacts before the brain has time to process; it is an honest broker. When you play, the ear pulls you to a sound faster and more confidently than your brain; it is the part of you most in clutches of the muse. More than any other learning tool, the ear offers a straight line to your musical DNA and allows you to access and communicate your most honest, most original music." ~Ran Blake, quote from Primacy of the Ear

    Primacy of the Ear Jason Rogers

    "Primacy" can be purchased through Lulu.com, and through Amazon.